Using Hospital Marketing to Empower Female Caregivers

Five key areas to emphasize

It’s estimated that 66 percent of caregivers are female, middle-aged and working outside of the home. The duty of being a caregiver, whether after a single outpatient procedure or for someone with a chronic condition, is stressful and arduous when combined with an already full work and home life. Fortunately, hospitals can market themselves not only as providers of great medical care, but as a source of guidance and support to empower women to make the right decisions for their family.

What does your hospital provide that makes care decisions, facility navigation and life in general easier for women who are taking on the care of their loved ones? Here are five key areas to emphasize.

  1. Knowing what to expect: Inform caregivers what to expect throughout their experience. From side effects to post-op visits, letting caregivers know what will happen gives them a sense of control when they’re faced with many unknowns.
  2. Navigating your hospital: Hospital campuses can be confusing. Let caregivers know what resources are where so they can get around worry-free.
  3. Patient journey tools: Does your hospital provide tools to help patients and caregivers track appointments, prescriptions, etc.? Women are always looking for tools that make their role simpler, whether they are caring for their children, a partner or a parent.
  4. Relaxing while they wait: Caregiving brings a host of worries. Market your hospital’s amenities and show women you can keep life going for them while they use your hospital.
  5. Support from those who know it best: Does your hospital offer an emotionally supportive environment or groups that help women connect? Helping them connect with others in similar situations provides additional support in one convenient place.

Caregivers need care options, logistical information and financial details provided in a way that empowers them to make the best decisions for their loved ones. Use your marketing plan to highlight ways your hospital eases the burden on caregivers and provides the best care for patients.

Kathy Selker
I’m Kathy Selker. My work as managing director of Stratos and previously as CEO of Northlich, has taught me a great deal about how hospitals and health systems can best connect with women to make the most positive impact in their lives.
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