Why Internal Hospital Marketing Campaigns Matter

How marketing to employees trickles down to make patients feel more valued and cared for.

Much has been written about the importance of internal branding and communications. A strong internal hospital branding campaign can maximize engagement and inform employees on how best to interact with patients. Nurses are the frontline staff in the hospital patient experience, and since they tend to be overwhelmingly female, it makes sense to cater to women internally as well as externally when introducing new marketing campaigns, reworked branding initiatives or consolidated branding after a merger.

The power of internal communication

Working in healthcare isn’t just a job; for many, it’s a calling. Hospitals can harness this passion and use it to develop emotional connections between the hospital, the people who work within it, and those it serves. They can do this by prioritizing internal communications that can help nurses and other employees understand their importance, give them a voice in the development of external branding and show them that the hospital values them as much as it values the patients.

A few internal communication tips:

  • Educate your employees about how they fit into the hospital’s brand.
  • Let them know that the work they do has a direct positive impact on patients. Thanking them while you’re at it doesn’t hurt!
  • Treat your employees in a way that’s consistent with the mission and values that are part of your brand promise.
  • Get employees’ feedback on your efforts. Ask your employees for their ideas about how they can live the hospital’s brand promise in their interactions with patients.

The power of teamwork

A critical component of overall hospital success is the ability of its staff to engage in effective teamwork. According to Gallup, two-thirds of women value the social aspects of their jobs. When your employees feel connected, and when they share the belief that your hospital truly is the best for either general care or service-line specialties, their work performance improves. They’re more motivated to work together to advance the hospital’s reputation — resulting in improved morale and even stronger connections between employees. It makes good sense to foster these relationships in your hospital with internal marketing.

Built-in test markets

Your internal marketing audience can also be a great test market, particularly if you’re communicating internally with nurses about a campaign or concept you’re planning to market to the hospital’s women patients. Your internal team can help you catch any unintentionally stereotypical or overly gendered messaging, as well as affirm what’s working with the campaign.


Kathy Selker
I’m Kathy Selker. My work as managing director of Stratos and previously as CEO of Northlich, has taught me a great deal about how hospitals and health systems can best connect with women to make the most positive impact in their lives.
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